Laser Tattoo Removal—How Many Treatments Will You Need?

You may be considering laser tattoo removal, and like a majority of people, you may assume that it is a one-off procedure that you will have to undergo. Typically, though, laser tattoo removal does require multiple treatments for effective results. However, the number of treatments that you will require could vastly differ from what another individual may need. Moreover, it would be difficult for you tattoo removal specialist to tell you how many sessions are necessary without having a thorough consultation with you. This article will highlight just a few of the factors that can influence the number of treatments that you will need for laser tattoo removal.

The complexion of your skin

The first thing that will affect how many laser removal sessions you will need is your complexion. In general, people who have less melanin in their skin will not need as many sessions as people who have darker skin. The reason for this that is darker skin tones have to undergo the laser removal process at a lower setting to prevent burning of the skin or the occurrence of hyperpigmentation on the tattoo site. When you have a lighter skin tone, the tattoo is more pigmented, which makes it easier for the laser beam to focus directly on the tattoo.

The tattoo's location

The second factor that can influence your course of laser tattoo removal treatment is where the tattoo is placed on your body. What you may not know about tattoos and your body is that your lymphatic system is what functions to eliminate the broken-down pigments that come from the laser removal process. As a result, tattoos that are located on parts of your body that are flooded with lymphatic compounds are more likely to fade faster than the parts of your body with limited lymphatic supply. Some of the locations that would be prone to fewer sessions due to a high quantity of lymphatic compounds include the upper trunk of your body, your neck, your upper arms and your thighs.

The tattoo's colouring

The third factor that will impact your laser tattoo removal is the colouration of your tattoo. People that have tattoos that are in hues of black and grey will typically require fewer laser removal sessions, as this pigment is much easier to break down. Coloured tattoos, on the other hand, are harder to disintegrate due to the granules of pigmentation in the tattoo as well as the chemical composition of the ink that was used.