Cosmetic Surgery—Procedures to Make Your Face Youthful

Despite being aware that you are steadily undergoing the ageing process, it can be quite shocking to look in the mirror and no longer recognise the aged face that is looking back to you! But that is what ageing does—not many people actually realise that their appearance is progressively getting older until one day they cannot reconcile with the wrinkles, age lines and other changes their face has developed. Fortunately, there is a myriad of cosmetic procedures that you can undergo to rejuvenate your appearance. Read More 

Why hyaluronic acid is the an anti-wrinkle treatment you need

Ageing is something that happens to us all; it is an inevitable part of living. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting older, you probably want to look your best no matter your age. When you are in your twenties, it is unlikely that you are worrying about wrinkles, but as you get into your thirties, forties and beyond, you will start to see lines creep in around the eyes, mouth and on the forehead. Read More 

Laser Tattoo Removal—How Many Treatments Will You Need?

You may be considering laser tattoo removal, and like a majority of people, you may assume that it is a one-off procedure that you will have to undergo. Typically, though, laser tattoo removal does require multiple treatments for effective results. However, the number of treatments that you will require could vastly differ from what another individual may need. Moreover, it would be difficult for you tattoo removal specialist to tell you how many sessions are necessary without having a thorough consultation with you. Read More 

The art of the brow

We've all scoffed at the eyebrow tattoos of the 1980's, revelling in the stark art of "sharpie marker chic". But eyebrow tattooing has come a long, long way since its inception and, as the quest for the perfect brow assumes mythic proportions, the eyebrow tattoo has made quite a comeback. Now a new technology has stepped up to the plate: microblading. By now you've seen the memes, the ads in glossy magazines, the shopping centre kiosks dedicated to the art of the brow and, if you sometimes find yourself gazing wistfully in the mirror and wondering if an eyebrow tattoo or microblading could be the answer, read on. Read More 

Ways to Prepare for Your Eyebrow Lift

Opting for an eyebrow lift is a life-changing decision. As well as transforming the way you look, the procedure injects vitality into your face. Before you go for the operation, there are a few actions you can take to make the procedure more successful. Have an honest discussion with your anaesthetist An eyebrow lift takes place under a general anaesthetic and lasts for around two hours. Before the procedure begins, your anaesthetist will need to calculate your ASA score, which determines how they approach your sedation. Read More